Lil Nas X Brings Old Town Road To Seacrest Studios

Written and Video Recaps by Seacrest Studio Interns, Tan’yeasia Brewster and Gunner Teixeira

All “the horses were in the back” on Monday, July 15th in Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital of Orange County when 20-year-old, Montero Lamar Hill, or better known as Lil Nas X sat down with patients to answer questions and sing a few lines of his single, “Old Town Road.”

During his visit, he spoke about his inspiration for the international hit that currently sits in its 15th week on Billboard Top 100 at number 1. While he never expected the song to gain such popularity, he’s determined to live in each moment and inspire others as best as he can.

While in studio, the country singer/rapper spoke about his experience collaborating with Billy Ray Cyrus. Lil Nas X believes he was, “put in this place so that I could help other people who are trying to make their way up, to just inspire the best that I can.” To the old town road artist, this means performing at small Elementary Schools or signing cowboy hats that he brought for the patients at CHOC Children’s.

His kindness and humility exuded at Seacrest Studios. He spent individual time with everyone to show appreciation for all the patients who were at the interview in the Seacrest Studios. The rapper also made a special visit to our patients at the Mental Health Inpatient Center.  These patients were able to have a special meet and greet with the rapper that meant so much to the them and is an experience they will never forget. Lil Nas X was a fantastic guest at the Children Hospital of Orange County, and everyone at CHOC Children’s cannot wait to see what he does next!