Lily Rose Answers Patient Questions at CHOC Children's!

Country music star, Lily Rose, brought a little country twang and a whole lot of heart to her visit in Seacrest Studios at CHOC Children's. She showed up in some snakeskin boots with her acoustic guitar ready to spread joyous energy across the hospital. Lily joined CHOC patients to talk about what it’s like to go viral on social media and to gain a following through your music. She gave some wonderful words of wisdom, telling patients to be their authentic selves. 

“People want to connect with relatable things,” Lily said. “If you just be yourself and be kind it will work out.” 

CHOC patient Nathan kicked off the patient portion of the visit by talking about his pet cat Oreo. Lily burst with happiness at the photos of Oreo Nathan was showing off on TV and then took some time to show off her own cat back in Nashville, Sloane. Lily and Nathan both agreed that fluffy cats are the best and they miss snuggling their pets whenever they are away from home. 

Patient Jocelyn was also in studio for the visit and told Lily all about how much she loves to play games like Headbandz.  She then turned the topic to Lily, asking her what her favorite board game is. Lily said hers is the Five Second Rule game. 

Lily ended her visit with CHOC by singing an acoustic rendition of her song “Villain” and a cover of the Katy Perry classic “Teenage Dream.” 

Thank you for joining us Lily, give Sloane a big hug for us when you get back home. All your friends at CHOC are wishing you the best of luck on the rest of your tour!