Lindsey Stirling Meets Her Biggest Fans At Seacrest Studios

Video: Chris Coleman 

Recap: Cody Hudson and Chris Coleman 

Photos: Kay Beaton and Chris Coleman

Lindsey Stirling visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado and upon arrival was greeted by a cheering group of patients and families listening to her music. Among the many people excited to meet her were two of her biggest fans, Jessica, and Rebecca. Lindsey shared that she was in town to play with Gavin DeGraw and Echosmith while Studio Manager, Chris Coleman, listed off just some of Lindsey’s accomplishments; over 1 million records sold, over 6 million followers on YouTube, and almost a billion views from her YouTube videos! The patients were excited and got right to leading the interview! 
To answer Rebecca’s question as to why she started playing, Lindsey explained that she had been playing since she was 6 years old but had lost some passion for it when she was a teen. Lindsey was able to find that passion again when she began writing her own music to rock, hip hop, and electronica. Lindsey reported that she had tried many things for over two years, but ultimately it was her videos on YouTube that truly launched her musical career and she expressed that she genuinely loves what she gets to do. A young 5-year-old asked why Lindsey picked the violin. Stirling reported that her parents liked classical music and she recalled seeing violinists play and feeling like they were rock stars – and she wanted to get that instrument in her hand. 
The kids wondered about things besides her musical career, too. Jacqlyn asked about Lindsey’s favorite flavor of cotton candy. Lindsey joked that they don’t make Cake batter or cookie dough cotton candy, but if they did, those would be her favorite. Austin wondered, “if you could combine any two instruments, what would you combine and what would you call it?” Lindsey didn’t hesitate to name two of her favorite instruments. “The harp and the flute, and I would call it a Flarp!” she expressed making the whole studio audience laugh! As Lindsey prepared to play her violin, she explained that she names her instruments and the one that she was playing that day, was Excalibur. Although her band believes that to be a male name, Lindsey and the studio audience agreed that Excalibur is female. Lindsey took a request from Jessica and played her song “Roundtable Rival.” Following the performance, Lindsey played “name that tune” with the audience, playing bits from "A Whole New World," "Beauty and the Beast," and even the Harry Potter theme song. Those who guessed correctly won prizes. A celebrity visit wouldn’t be complete at BBOY45 without a round of the audio game Backwards Forwards.  Lindsey was challenged to say “Lindsey Stirling Shatter Me” and replicate that once it was recorded and turned around backwards. Lindsey willingly participated and reported “I think I found a new game for us on the bus!” explaining that she and the band play games when touring. The studio was full of laughter, smiles, and applause as Lindsey gave it her best shot, with the result sounding like “Lindsey Stirling, Shatterling." Before Lindsey spent time meeting the patients, taking pictures, and signing autographs, she gave advice to the patients if they are wanting to go into music or have a dream of their own: “Don’t be afraid to start something. You don’t have to be perfect; you just have to start.” Great advice from a great artist. We hope we get to see Lindsey Stirling in our studio again soon!