Ludacris Shares Advice & Smiles During Seacrest Studios Visit

Blog by: Paula Cuadrado Video by: Chance Harris

The Seacrest Studios in Dallas was packed full to welcome rapper and actor Ludacris! The kids and their families were so excited when we told them Ludacris was coming to Children’s Medical Center! Several kids showed up early to get a good seat, and everyone cheered loudly when Ludacris arrived to the packed studio. 

Ludacris was impressed by the crowd and shared a video with his new friends on his Instagram. After that, the kids jumped right in with the interview, asking great questions to get to know him better. What do you like to eat, asked Allison, who is six. Ludacris said he likes lean protein and lots of vegetables, especially broccoli. The children asked which Fast and Furious movie was his favorite and when he announced they’ve already started filming the eighth film everyone cheered! Check out the video to see what else Ludacris and the children talked about. Thank you, Ludacris, for taking the time to visit with us! We loved meeting you and will take your sincere advice to heart. Tune in to see what Ludacris did for his Celebrity Challenge. Hint: it involves dancing!