Maren Morris Sings Her Hit 'My Church' At Seacrest Studios Cincinnati

Written by Seacrest Studios Intern, Ryan Korengel  

Maren Morris recently visited Seacrest Studio at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to spend time with the patients, answer their questions and sing for them in studio. 

During the visit, we learned so much about the country music singer.  Morris told us that she was born in Texas, where she lived until she moved to Nashville in her early twenties. She went on to answer questions, such as her favorite food, which is Mexican and her favorite Disney movie, which is The Little Mermaid. She told an especially inquisitive patient that although she has had the opportunity to ride in a limousine, it is not her typical transportation. Maren Morris told us that she, “always knew [she] wanted to be a singer”. She elaborated on her style by telling us that she gets inspiration “everywhere from relationships, friendships, heartbreaks, and life.” 

Since many of our patients were unable to attend the visit, we prerecorded some of the questions these patients had for Maren Morris. Serenity, for example, asked what Maren Morris likes to do when she isn’t working. She told this patient that she loves to spend time with friends and family whenever she can, although that is difficult sometimes since she lives so far away from her family. Another patient, Natasha, asked how she was discovered. Her response was that she moved to Nashville and began writing songs until she eventually recorded an album. After answering questions, Morris touched on some serious and inspirational topics. She gave the children advice on following their dreams. Maren Morris left the patients, advising them to, “Stay true to what you’re doing, what you love, and be patient. It takes a lot of hard work”.