Mark Sanchez "Touched - Down" at Seacrest Studios!

Written by Seacrest Studios Intern Ashley Gasparian.

New York Jets quarterback, Mark Sanchez, "touched - down" at Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital of Orange County in support of our foundation and Heels2Heal OC. Mark’s positive attitude and humor quickly lit up the room. In fact, he began his visit by taking silly photos with the patients and cracking jokes.

Mark inspired and encouraged everyone by giving some great advice, “no matter what is in your heart, whatever your passion is, that’s what you want to strive for…work really hard in school first and then make sure that passion is who you want to be ultimately.” Listen to his full interview here: Listen at

The New York Jets quarterback is currently recovering from his shoulder surgery. During this time he has been trying to spend as much time with his family and attending as many guest appearances as possible. Sanchez says he misses playing for his team and expressed how weird it was to not be playing around his birthday (Sanchez turned 27 on November 11th!)

Sanchez took time after the interview and went to the Heels2Heal OC Teen Room across from Seacrest Studios for more pictures with patients and families. He interacted with the patients asking them questions like, “what’s your favorite subject? Don’t say recess.” He later walked around the hospital, signed trading cards and took pictures with the patients who couldn’t make it down to Seacrest Studios and the teen room. Sanchez even played doctor by putting on a gown, stethoscope, gloves, and a mask. Everyone seemed to get a kick out of his playful personality. Heels2Heal OC would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and Seacrest Studios for extending an invitation to Heels 2Heal OC special guest Mark Sanchez to visit the studio during his visit to CHOC Children's.

xThe Heels 2Heal OC members are still riding the high of witnessing the joy in the children's (and parents!) faces from Mark's visit and the time he spent visiting with patients and families. Thank you Mark for a fun afternoon!