Martina McBride Interviewed By Patients At Seacrest Studios Nashville

Martina McBride Visits Seacrest Studios Nashville!

Written By: Lexi Miller, Seacrest Studios Intern Video by: Katie Klochany, Seacrest Studios Intern 

Country superstar Martina McBride made a special visit to Seacrest Studios at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital. The four-time CMA Artist of the year debuted her 13th studio album, Reckless, in April of this year and gave us some insider information about what this tour has been like. One of her most treasured rituals while on tour is her after-show food parties on her tour bus after each show! She also shared some details about her best road companion… her Maltese/Poodle mix, Mae! Martina’s tour sounds like a blast! 

Patients grilled Martina with some of their questions and we found out several intriguing facts. We discovered that if Martina were to become president, her first order of business would be to send everyone to Disney World! Martina for President! A patient inquired about Martina’s eating habits and although the superstar loves to cook, she revealed she still visits McDonald’s every now and again. Another interesting detail we found out is what’s currently on Martina’s iPod, and it wasn’t who we expected. Martina shared with us that Ariana Grande is playing a lot in her household upon request by her 10 year old daughter. Family is undoubtedly very important to Martina, and she came grew up in a family that also loved music. Born on a farm in Kansas, she was surrounded by music with her father who played in a band for fun! Martina said she knew she wanted to be a singer at the early age of six years old, and boy, aren’t we glad she fulfilled that dream! 

Finishing up her visit, Martina shared the encouraging thought of the day which included lyrics from her song, “Just Around The Corner” which is a piece of her newest album, Reckless. She gave hope to our friends in the hospital by telling them “not everything will last forever,” and that better days are “just around the corner.” Martina ended her visit by playing a quick game with patients followed by a meet and greet. Thank you for visiting us in Seacrest Studios in Nashville, Martina! We hope you’ll come back soon!