MatPat Teaches Patients to Floss in Seacrest Studios

It’s not theory but fact when we say there is one thing that patient DJs here in Seacrest Studios at Children’s National Hospital love the most… and that is playing video games! They took this love to a whole new level when given the opportunity to meet a real-life gaming expert – the Game Theorist on YouTube, Matt Patrick aka MatPat.

At the beginning of the visit, MatPat met patient DJ - DJ Major - who was excited to share his love of Fortnite with the popular YouTuber. Major expressed that he loves seeing his favorite Marvel characters, like Spiderman, in the game and that he loves the Fortnite dances. MatPat gave an exclusive when he broke down how to successfully master the iconic “Floss” dance, popularized by Fortnite. He broke down the dance moves step-by-step and had everyone on their feet doing the “Floss.” 

It felt like we were reuniting best friends when MatPat met his biggest fan – DJ Jackson! Jackson wore his Game Theorist swag and showed off his collection of some of the YouTuber’s merch! The two bonded over their shared love of video games, cats, anime and Pokémon.

Next, MatPat met another Fortnite fan: DJ Evan! The two agreed they liked the social aspect of Fortnite and that it was a nice way – even during a pandemic – to hang out with friends virtually and have a community with others who share a similar interest. They both agreed that the Peely banana skin is their favorite character to play within the game. 

Wrapping up the visit, Matt met DJ William who was cuddling with his stuffed animal rabbit, Mr. W Soft Hare. The YouTuber asked how he came up with such a creative name and mentioned that his son also likes to come up with clever names for stuffed animals! William then shared that his favorite video features MatPat testing four different types of board games. 

At the end of the interview, MatPat encouraged patients to try everything, noting “If you are open to as many different ideas as can be, you may be surprised by what you learn from day-to-day life experiences.”

We can’t thank Matt enough for spending an afternoon with Seacrest Studios at Children’s National! But hey that’s just a theory… a game theory!