Megan and Liz Play Dress Up At Seacrest Studios

Twin sisters and singers, Megan and Liz, brightened up a Friday afternoon when they made a stop at Seacrest Studios in Charlotte during a concert tour that wound through North Carolina. Patients were thrilled to meet the duo and hear about their rise to fame through YouTube. Now, Megan and Liz are on the lookout for new talent on YouTube – that’s where they pulled their opening act from! “[Youtube] is where you find the new artists and songwriters nowadays. It’s really fun.”

The girls told fans gathered at Seacrest Studios in Levine Children’s Hospital (LCH) that they spend all of their time together and fight over clothes a lot. In addition to their singing career, Megan and Liz have a beauty channel on YouTube and their fashion skills were put to the test in our studio during a “Hospital Fashion Face-Off!” Each girl was paired with a patient and the two were given a minute…or two, to dress a hospital teaching doll as fashionably as possible using only clothing and supplies found in the hospital. We loved seeing their creative and fashionable looks, including casts with cup holders and hospital war paint in the form of band aids!

After singing a few special request cover songs, and a few of their own original songs, including Release You, Megan and Liz signed autographs and took pictures with fans and patients at LCH. Thanks, Megan and Liz, for spending time at Seacrest Studios in Charlotte, and for showing us how to be as fashionable in hospital gowns!