Michael Bublé spreads Sunshine at Seacrest Studios in Charlotte!

Michael Bublé brought “Sunshine” to Seacrest Studios in Charlotte last week! (“Sunshine” – a nickname given to Michael by his grandfather - is a moniker that fits Bublé perfectly because he filled our studio with just that!)

The jazz crooner met patients, talked about his world tour, helped us with storytime, and shared an" Encouraging Thought Of The Day": Listen at SoundCloud.com

Michael’s boundless energy, talent, and humor infused the patients, families, and medical staff with hope. Bublé inspired and encouraged everyone by saying, "The fight is worth it!" The studio audience got a rare glimpse into the team that supports Bublé, including Jose, Michael's bodyguard. To the sheer delight of the crowd, Michael jumped up and Jose caught him in his arms! It was quite a moment!

During the Q&A, Michael gave everyone gathered at Seacrest Studios a glimpse into his busy schedule, telling patients that he ends his shows late at night and does not go to sleep until 5 or 6 in the morning! Michael Bublé has made a "HOME" in our hearts here in Charlotte and we can't wait until he comes back to Seacrest Studios at Levine Children's Hospital to visit us again!

Thanks, Michael, for the super fun afternoon!