Midnight Red Creates Smiles At Seacrest Studios.

At the strike of . . . Midnight Red . . . Seacrest Studios Charlotte was filled with excitement! The all male, five-member music group, Midnight Red, took Levine Children’s Hospital by storm when they made an appearance during their radio tour across the country.Quickly charming the patients who gathered, and entertaining the crowd with their incredible harmony, the boys of Midnight Red talked about Ryan Seacrest coming to them in a dream, and what kind of things fans throw on stage during their concerts. Squeals of delight went up when Eric, Thomas, Anthony, Colton, and Joey discovered the studio cameras and did a little of their own filming!

Seacrest Studios resonated with the harmonies of these five young men as they sang several hits, including their new single, Take Me Home. Performing with New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys in 2011 really put Midnight Red on the map, but appearing at Levine Children’s Hospital solidified their place in our hearts. We confess, we’re all “Redheads” now! Thanks, guys, for the autographs, pictures, laughter, songs, and hugs.