Mindless Behavior Hangs At CHOP And Talks About Touring, School And Wanting To Work With Usher!

With much excitement, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia welcomed Mindless Behavior while they were in town for their Number One Girl Tour. Prodigy, Princeton, Roc Royal and Ray Ray hung out in studio and answered many of the patients’ questions.

The patients got to learn a little bit about the history of the group. All of the guys were 10 or 11 years old when they auditioned for the group and were selected. They all had very different (clothing) style and since getting together have been even more open minded about trying new style choices. They even have a stylist with them on tour that helps them find new looks. With the exception of Roc Royal, all the guys had dance experience before the band was formed. Since Roc Royal did not have any dance experience, the other guys helped introduce him to different dance styles!

When asked about touring, the guys explain that in preparation for a tour, they rehearse for up to 8 hours a day. They also each do 4 hours of schoolwork a day. They try to stay very healthy while touring, because they are working so much on limited sleep. When asked the hardest part about touring, the guys all thought that it took a long time to be really comfortable dancing and singing at the same time, but now feel really good about doing it.

The patients asked the group who inspired them musically, and while they all talked about different artists, the one artist they all agreed on was Michael Jackson. They also gave some advice about being a performer: Ray Ray told everyone in studio it is very important to “work hard and stay confident and that you can’t give up, you must keep pushing!”

The guys also clued everyone in on where they got their nicknames:

Prodigy – He catches on really fast when learning music and dance
Princeton – His manager chose this nickname because he is always reading and is really into music history
Roc Royal – Because he always gives 100%
Ray Ray – Everyone has called him this since he was little. He is the “pretty boy” of the group.

When asked what they do when they have free time, they all answered “shopping” and visiting an occasional amusement park.

The group made it very clear to the patients that they planned to stay together and didn’t want to break up for solo careers. They love working together (and their manager) and they hope to one day collaborate with Usher, Drake, Jacob Lattimore, Justin Bieber and Willow Smith.

Before the guys wrapped up their great visit, they taught the patients some of their dance moves! We are so glad Mindless Behavior stopped in and spent time at our studio and we hope they visit again soon!