Missy Franklin Makes A Special Holiday Visit To Seacrest Studios

Video by Chris Coleman

Photos by Kay Beaton and Chris Coleman 

Written Recap by Cody Hudson and Chris Coleman

Missy Franklin stopped by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado to wrap up 2014 with a special holiday visit. Even though it was a cold snowy day, she was greeted by a studio of warm smiles, cheers, and applause! Missy’s positive attitude beamed through the studio right away as she thanked the kids for allowing her to visit and alerting everyone that she has “never been in a studio this cool with kids this cool.” The Olympic gold medalist explained that she began swimming because her mom was terrified of the water and didn’t want her to have that same experience. With a huge smile, Franklin explained that she started swimming at 6 months old and “once they put me in the water, they couldn’t get me out.” 

The kids in the studio were eager to take over the interview and Gabe started off the questions by asking if she ever expected to be world famous. Graciously, Franklin instantly answered “No” and went on to explain that she was “swimming because I loved it! I loved practicing with my friends. The whole time I was just having so much fun, I think that’s why I kept getting faster.” And when asked about the secret to her success, Missy responded that it is to “always smile. Even though some things are challenging, having a smile always makes everything easier.” Shelby, an avid swimmer who had even dressed as Missy Franklin for Halloween, was curious about which stroke was her favorite. Missy answered quickly, “the backstroke, because I can breathe whenever I want to,” she studio laughed at the witty reply. Samantha asked what one thing Missy would like to do that she hasn’t done before. “Skiing is something I can’t do right now because of my focus on swimming, but as soon as I retire (which isn’t soon!), I look forward to getting back on the slopes.” 

Patients who were watching from their rooms had a wide variety of questions, too. In answering those questions, Missy shared that her favorite character from the movie Shrek is Puss and Boots, of course she has seen Frozen, her favorite gummy bear is yellow, she has never made a disappearing cake (but the cakes she makes disappear pretty quickly!), she saw a magic show at a friend’s birthday party years ago, and she has never seen a shooting star but she will have a really great wish ready for when she sees her first shooting star. By request, Missy continued to share some of her favorites...food: mac and cheese, movie: Sound of Music, sport to play besides swimming: volleyball, sport to watch: football, music: country, especially Taylor Swift; although Missy explained people would likely be surprised to know that she has classical music on her iPod that she listens to when she is studying. 
As has become tradition at BBOY45, Missy willingly played a favorite studio game, Backwards Forwards, attempting the phrases, “Missy Franklin” and “Olympic Gold Medal.” The sounds of these phrases backwards—and her attempts to replicate them—brought laughs and smiles to the studio and of course to Missy herself. Missy finished off her visit in the studio by signing autographs, taking pictures, sharing her gold medal, and even snuggling with three-month-old patient, Matthew. Thanks to Missy for her smile and all the smiles she brought to Children’s Hospital Colorado!