Montgomery Gentry Spins A Tale At Seacrest Studios

 Levine Children's Hospital welcomed Montgomery Gentry as they made their first visit to Seacrest Studios in Charlotte, NC just before Thanksgiving. Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry, who make up the award-winning duo, greeted a studio full of fans and told patients that they have been friends for a long time.   While in the Queen City for a concert, Montgomery Gentry told us they travel with three tour buses - Montgomery on one bus, and Gentry on another.  They stop and start in different cities – Montgomery lives in Kentucky and Gentry in Nashville. 
While the artists are able to bring their families with them out on the road frequently, they did have some advice for patients who might be homesick, and missing their families, about how they deal with being away from family and friends. “We do a lot of FaceTiming if we are gone for a long period of time.  We’ll FaceTime just so we can communicate, talk, and see each other, compared to picking up a telephone and calling.  That helps out a lot when we’re gone.” When asked how patients might come up with a great band name if they were interested in being performers, Gentry said, “Have fun with it and be creative with it.  Find something fun.  There are all sorts of wacky and fun names out there.” With a new album about to drop in March, Montgomery told us their first album is one of his favorites.  “That first one is a lot of fun because you’re just getting into seeing how everything works.” A trip to Seacrest Studios in Charlotte would not be complete without storytime! Montgomery and Gentry graciously (and hilariously) provided the sound effects for our story about their trip to Levine Children’s Hospital! Having both had a personal experience with cancer, the singers were able to speak very openly with patients about how to turn bad days into good days.  Our favorite part of what they said was to surround yourself with positive people, which is exactly what happened to our patients when Montgomery Gentry walked into our studio! Thank you, Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry for bringing that positivity to Seacrest Studios! We look forward to your next visit, and another round of story time!