Nash And Will Grier Visit Seacrest Studios In Their Hometown

 Vine and Internet sensation, Nash Grier, and his brother, University of Florida Quarterback, Will Grier, made a special stop by Seacrest Studios in their hometown of Charlotte, NC right before Christmas. The Grier brothers were home for the holidays and spent the day at Levine Children’s Hospital.  Patients poured into the studio to meet Nash and Will. The brothers told the crowd that they were ready for Santa to visit their house. They even told us about the special food they leave on Christmas Eve for Santa’s reindeer. 

Patients got to ask Nash and Will questions that included if they had girlfriends, and if they would ever think about dating a fan (get this – they said they would!).  We even got Nash to show off his “go-to” dance move! Having found fame making six second Vine videos, Nash talked to patients about what it takes to make the perfect Vine video.  He also confessed to spending at least eight hours a day on social media! Known for great plays on the football field, Will had even greater advice for young people who were watching from their hospital beds.  For those who might be looking forward to a career in sports he said, “Having a good time is how you get better. It’s not work when it’s fun,” – also a good attitude to have during the healing process – to find the good! 
The very competitive brothers took part in our Seacrest Studios “Minute-To-Win-It” Challenge.  Nash and Will were given a hospital glove to blow up like a balloon (a favorite activity of our patients) and then, they were instructed to give a toy dog a cast on its right foot.  Check out our video recap to see the results! With a new movie to begin filming in January, Nash Grier is looking forward to 2015, and with football having a heavy practice schedule, Will Grier was grateful for a few days off to spend the holidays with his family. We loved having Nash and Will in Seacrest Studios and we are happy these boys call Charlotte home!  Thanks for coming, and we hope to see you both again in 2015!