Nate Bargatze Inspires the Next Generation of Comics!

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Grammy nominated comedian Nate Bargatze visited Seacrest Studios at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, TN on Friday, May 31st. Nate is currently on the Be Funny Tour. He also brought along the host of the tour, fellow comedian Julian McCullough for the studio show.

During his visit, Nate talked about where he draws inspiration for his comedy and how his family responds to being included in his jokes seen across the world. Patients at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital told their own “Dad jokes” to Nate and Julian who also told some of their favorite one-liners.

One patient in particular, Sam, wants to become a comedian when he grows up. He brought multiple jokes to the show and told them periodically - receiving a lot of laughs. The professional comedians gave Sam advice on how to turn his passion into a career later in life. Nate and Julian also answered hard-hitting questions such as “if animals could talk, which animal would be the funniest?”

The whole crowd also participated in a joke mad lib game. Using suggestions from the audience, staff filled in the blanks to funny jokes and made them unique. Patients, including Sam, as well as Nate and Julian then read these jokes aloud.

The show wrapped with Nate signing autographs and taking pictures with patients and their families. Nate even signed Sam’s joke list for him! It was a very uplifting and fun filled experience for everyone.