Neon Trees Sings Everybody Talks At Seacrest Studios!

Red Balloon Network - Neon Trees Visit

This video is from Children's Medical Center Dallas, one of the nation's top pediatric hospitals and The One for Children℠ .
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Written by Lauren Devoll

Neon Trees stopped by Children’s Medical Center of Dallas before their concert at the American Airlines Center to hang out with patients at Seacrest Studios! Bass guitarist Branden Campbell, lead vocalist Tyler Glenn, drummer Elaine Bradley and vocalist Chris Allen answered questions about their early days and current successes.

Glenn and Campbell chuckled as they told the story of how Neon Trees got its name. “There was an In-N-Out burger in Southern California that Tyler used to go to in high school,” Campbell explained. “And there was a neon palm tree in this restaurant.”

They simply named themselves after something they saw, Campbell said. Most of the band members started playing music at an early age. Campbell traded his air guitar for a real instrument at age 11. Bradley’s parents finally transitioned her from pots and pans to drums in the 5th grade. Allen’s and Glenn’s fathers connected the two musicians as teenagers.

Although they miss many familiar things while they are on tour (cats, family members and daytime TV... just to name a few), the band members remarked how inspiring it has been to work with their tour mates. They are encouraged by Maroon 5’s and Owl City’s longevity, humility, and kindness while touring with them.

Bradley encouraged patients in the studio and participating via Skype to go for their dreams. A counselor at a talent camp encouraged her at a young age, “We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses so just be honest with yourself,” she said. “Ask yourself: What do I want to do? What I am I good at? And then do that.” The band members finished their time in the studio with a quick response trivia game and a live performance of Everybody Talks. “We are just happy to be here. I think our favorite type of service really involves children,” Campbell said. “We get really touched and edified when we’re here.”

Many thanks to Neon Trees for spending some time with us!a