New RSF Ambassador Nick Jonas Visits Seacrest Studios

On his first stop at Seacrest Studios since being named Ambassador for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF), Nick Jonas made a special trip to our studio in Charlotte, NC right before his concert in the Queen City! Nick was greeted by patients and their families (and a lot of nurses too)!  Patients got to ask Nick questions about his most embarrassing moment on stage and what he likes to do before a show. 

When asked what Nick’s favorite piece of merchandise with his face on it was, he said, “Back when I was working with my brothers, I think some of the funniest things were like backpacks and stuff with our faces on them and then seeing people years later still using the backpacks.” The crowd in Seacrest Studios also heard about Nick’s plans for the holidays! Nick’s crazy schedule will keep him on the road for most of December, but he told patients at Levine Children’s Hospital that he is looking forward to some time off in California with his family! We are so glad to have Nick Jonas join the RSF Family, and we look forward to many more visits in Charlotte!