Nicki Minaj Spends Time With Patients At Seacrest Studios

Recap by: Lauren Dawson, Seacrest Studios Intern Video by: Kent Wyckoff 

Nicki Minaj stopped by Seacrest Studios at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to hang out with some patients and answer questions about many topics like performing, her childhood, and food! Nicki is currently on her world tour, “The Pinkprint Tour” and when asked if she still gets nervous before performing she says that while she doesn’t get nervous before her own concerts with her fans, she will sometimes get so nervous before award show performances that she can’t eat or sleep! She offered great uplifting advice to future artist hopefuls to not let anyone hold them back in following their dreams but to make education as much a part of the plan as the pursuit of their craft.  One aspiring young singer in the audience was brave enough to sing a part of her favorite choir song for Nicki which nearly brought everyone to tears. 

When she was younger she said she didn’t play many sports, only softball for about a year. But if she were to follow an athletic dream, she said “I wish I could be the most amazing swimmer because I can’t swim…like a synchronized swimmer. I’d be a like a little ballerina in the water.” She grew up in Trinidad and loved climbing trees and fences. Although she never got hurt climbing things, she did tell about a scary experience she had when she was younger involving a dog. Her grandma had a big dog at her house and it was so huge that she thought she could ride it like a horse.  It seems the dog didn’t like that too well.  Although she isn’t afraid of dogs now, she joked that she doesn’t like them near her. Nicki’s most popular answer of the day was when she was asked about her favorite place to eat out. “I know we’re in Philly so you guys will understand my answer being Wawa. I love eating here in Philly they make the best sandwiches!” She also loves pizza and gave some advice to everyone in studio about their future pizza topping choices, “A lot of people don’t like pineapples on their pizza but I do, so next time you get pizza, get pineapples on top.”  And the must have snack…pickles.  Absolutely not the sweet kind. They’ve got to be dill! Nicki loves shopping in boutique stores and crafting her own style and the look of her concert tour. She says her favorite hair color is pink but, in her downtime, she likes to be almost the complete opposite of what she portrays on stage. “I don’t like getting made up or dressed up. I hate wearing heels so when I’m off stage I just like sweatpants and t-shirts.” To wrap up the visit Nicki signed autographs and took pictures with all of the patients who attended. Patients and families were so grateful for the visit and we hope Nicki visits again soon!