Normani Plays "Dancing With Seacrest Studios" at Children's National!

Written recap by Seacrest Studios Intern, Sarah Roach

Singer and songwriter Normani walked into Seacrest Studios at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C.  to the beat of her hit music with a roar of applause from excited patients and families. The cheers were so loud it sounded as if we were at Normani’s concert! Normani took questions from patients about breaking off as a solo artist, balancing school and being famous. Before taking a seat for an on-air Q&A, Normani gave patients’ hugs and greeted everyone in the studio with smiles and laughter.

A couple of patients asked Normani if she was nervous to become a solo artist and what it’s like to be famous. Normani said it was an “emotional decision” to go solo because she had bonded with the other girls in Fifth Harmony. As for being famous, there are pros and cons. Normani said that while being away from home during tours can get tiresome, she has endless opportunities to meet lots of cool and unique people.   

Another patient DJ wanted to know how Normani manages school and being a pop star. However, Normani said she never had to worry about missing school because she was homeschooled and could study in between traveling and performances.

After the Q&A, our patient DJs put Normani’s dancing skills to the test while playing a fun rendition of “Dancing With Seacrest Studios.” Our patients challenged the singer to stand up and perform popular dances such as the “Chicken Dance,” “Vogue” and “Single Ladies.” Normani easily perfected all of the moves, drawing on the dancing skills she built up on her time with “Dancing with the Stars.” Our patients and families also taught Normani a new step to add to her already impressive dancing repertoire: the “Orange Justice.”  

The visit wasn’t complete until Normani gave all of our patient DJs hugs and signed autographs!

Keep on shining, Normani, and come back to Seacrest Studios at Children’s National for another dance party with our patients and families!