Olivia Holt Kicks It At Seacrest Studios!

Olivia Holt of the hit Disney XD show Kickin’ It came by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital of Orange County to kick it with some of her most adoring fans.

While in studio, Olivia spoke about her love for gymnastics and how she aspired to be an Olympic gymnast prior to being an actress. Our patients were also ready for her with questions of their own asking Olivia if she enjoyed being the only girl on the set of Kickin’ It. Olivia said that although it can be tough at times she enjoys sharing the set with a group full of boys.

Before leaving, Olivia talked about how she was excited to get her driver’s license and even told us that she wanted a Jeep Grand Cherokee for her first car (something not as small as her mom’s car but not as big as her dad’s car.) Olivia gave the extremely excited patients autographs and posed for photos before leaving.

Thank you to Olivia for spending such an amazing time with us in the studio!

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