Paramore Inspires Patients At Seacrest Studios To Follow Their Dreams

Recap Written by Catherine Pearce, Seacrest Studios Intern

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) was excited to welcome the band Paramore into Seacrest Studios. The band, who is currently on tour with Fall Out Boy, stopped by for a visit and to answer some patient questions. Taylor York, Jeremy Davis and lead singer Hayley Williams sat down for an interview and stuck around to take pictures and sign autographs before heading off to their show in Camden NJ.

The group who has been together for 10 years talked to us about how they all got started. Hayley admitted that when she first started singing she was very shy. “I didn’t like when people payed more attention to me than anyone else. I grew up playing in my room and never really wanted to play in front of people.” Jeremy Davis who plays the bass had a dad who played guitar and believe that being from Nashville helped him grow, saying that every one is very supportive with music there. Paramore shared with us that a lot of their songs “are normally accidents” but they also try to write songs about things that people can relate to.

We also found out that “Paramore” is actually a former band members mom’s maiden name, meaning “for love” or “secret love” Paramore released their self titled fourth album in 2013 and told everyone in Seacrest Studios that it was the most fun they ever had writing and recording an album. As for touring with Fall Out Boy “We are a week into the tour and it’s going really great.” Hayley said “It's like a big celebration every night.”

The three finished up their time at CHOP by giving some advice. “A lot of people are afraid of failing and you can’t be afraid of it” said Taylor when he was asked how someone can succeed in the music industry. “You have to have fun with it!” Thank you Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy for hanging out with us at Seacrest Studios and good luck with the rest of your tour!