Passenger Performs 'Let Her Go' in Seacrest Studios!

Mike Rosenberg, known to fans as Passenger, made a special stop to perform for patients at Seacrest Studios in Charlotte, NC during his “Whispers” tour. It was an extra-special visit considering Passenger’s tour bus got a flat tire in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere! Still, the popular artist cheerfully arrived to meet a crowd of adoring fans at Levine Children’s Hospital (LCH.) Mike talked touring – telling the crowd in Seacrest Studios, “I do get nervous.  All of this is very new to me.”  Like all good Englishmen, Passenger said he calms his nerves with a cup of tea.  He jokingly said, “I only drink tea with the Queen.”
He shared his thoughts on the success of his hit song, “Let Her Go,” and what he thought about it being in a Super Bowl commercial!  Patients asked Passenger questions like advice on getting started in the music industry, and what his pet peeve was. To top off a fantastic visit, Passenger serenaded the crowd of people in, and around, Seacrest Studios with two songs including “Let Her Go.” As hard as it was to “let him go," the patients waved goodbye to Passenger with their thanks for his spending time with us.  Now, Passenger is off for the rest of his worldwide tour and LCH looks forward to the next time he stops by Seacrest Studios.