Patient Performs for Diplo

It was no ordinary birthday for DJ MJ (who was turning the big 1-0) when world-renowned DJ and music producer Diplo popped up on his computer screen. His excitement and pure shock could be felt through the Nation’s Capital when Diplo surprised him by singing him “Happy Birthday!”

DJ MJ's Birthday Suprise: Diplo!

It was no ordinary birthday for DJ MJ (who was turning the big 1-0) when world-renowned DJ and music producer Diplo popped up on
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A young DJ in the making, MJ had his entire board and mixer ready to go (all thanks to DJ Mom & DJ Dad) and surprised Diplo (or DJ DipDawg) by DJing his track, “Welcome to the Party.” Diplo was in awe of MJ’s DJing skills and captivating energy. DJ MJ even threw in some dance moves made popular by Fortnight, which brought a smile to Diplo’s face! Afterwards, DJ MJ asked Diplo if he had any advice for inspiring music makers like himself. Diplo told DJ MJ that it is important to be able to dance while performing and “feel the vibes.” Diplo also encouraged the future DJ to be weird, unique and different because that’s how fans will remember his music and fall in love with him!

DJ MJ screamed that chatting with Diplo was the best birthday present ever!

DJ MJ wasn’t the only patient at Seacrest Studios in Children’s National who got to chat with the multitalented DJ, record producer and songwriter. Our friends DJ Drea, DJ Wolfie, DJ Jose and DJ Aiden also put DJ DipDawg on the spot with their questions!

DJ Drea asked Diplo about his songwriting process, what he has been doing since quarantine and his favorite artists to collaborate with! The two were then challenged to create their own song together featuring either Olaf, the Minions, Superman or Ariel from the Little Mermaid. The dynamic duo both unanimously choose Ariel to sing vocals on their single and for Olaf to rap. Hey Spotify listeners, the track “I Do What I Want” by Diplo, DJ Drea featuring Ariel and Olaf will be streaming soon!

DJ Wolfie then asked DJ DipDawg about his favorite Fortnite dance move and he said it was the “Take the L Dance.”

Later, DJ Aiden and DJ DipDawg bonded over their love of Pokémon! DJ DipDawg even said he was featured as a DJ in the film “Detective Pikachu!” DJ Aiden said that Charmander was his favorite Pokémon but DJ DipDawg said he really likes MewTwo! The pair even shared their love of rapper Eminem!

We can’t thank you enough Diplo for taking time out of your schedule to chat with Seacrest Studios Superstars and create magical moments they will never forget! Don’t forget our amazingly talented patient DJs when you’re looking for your next artists to collaborate with!