Patients At CHOP Interview The United States Women’s National Soccer Team

Written blog by Seacrest Studio intern, Abigail Byington

On August 28th Jessica McDonald, Allie Long, Mallory Pugh and Adrianna Franch from the United States Women’s National Soccer Team stopped by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for an inspiring interview and some fun games! The ladies shared how they got into soccer when they were young and talked about what it felt like to travel with their team and win the World Cup. They all agreed that the coolest place they visited was France!

Next we did a “deep dive” on the women where we pulled up old photos, like one of Allie wearing unicorn headphones and Jessica on the soccer field with her son. As the only mom on the team, Jessica referred to herself as the “soccer mom” to not only her son, but to the rest of her teammates as well!

After this game we played Cold Hard Facts where the women were asked super specific questions about their soccer careers, and if they answered incorrectly, they had to do a challenge! Luckily for us, we got to see all four of the women do a challenge. Our patients in the studio even got to help out by pulling the challenges out of a hat! Mallory showed us her evil laugh, Jessica did the floss and all of the women showed us their best whip and nae nae!

Before it was time to take pictures and sign autographs, the women shared some great advice with us. They all encouraged everyone to never limit themselves and set their dreams high. Allie especially emphasized that you should “never ever ever ever quit!” when it comes to your dreams. Thank you so much to the USWNT for coming to see us at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia!