Patients Get To Know Maddie & Tae at Seacrest Studios Colorado

Video and photos by: Chris Coleman (with additional video footage by Kate Nawoyski) Write-up by: Cody Hudson

Patients and families at Children’s Hospital Colorado were excited to have a visit from country duo, Maddie and Tae in Seacrest Studios. Known for their debut song, “Girl in a Country Song,” Maddie and Tae were excited to sign autographs and take pictures with a studio full of fans, but not before answering questions the kids were eager to ask. 

Morgan wondered if they could see anyone in concert, who it would be. Maddie was quick to answer with the legendary Elvis Presley, and Tae agreed but also thought Michael Jackson would put on a great show. When asked what sport they would create by combining two sports, Tae knew right away; she said she “would create Swimmis, a combo of tennis and swimming as those are my favorites.” Maddie responded with the game of “Footgolf,” a combo of football and golf, although she wasn’t quite sure how that game would be played. From the kids’ questions everyone learned that the duo met when they were 15-years-old while they were both playing a show in Dallas. From there they started writing together, performing together, and became best friends. They said that they know each other so well, “we can’t play games like Two Truths and a Lie that require us to lie as we know everything about each other and can tell when the other is lying.” When asked, “what is your favorite food?,” Maddie jumped in and shared, “Tae loves Spaghetti and Meatballs,” and Tae retorted with “Maddie’s favorite is steak and mashed potatoes…homemade!” They also both agreed if they had the chance to mail themselves anywhere in the world it would likely be home, which is Sugarland, Texas for Maddie and Nashville for Tae. “I think family is the most important thing,” Maddie explained. Tae confirmed that and said, “There is no place better than home.” 

Searching for the differences from the duo, the studio audience learned that Maddie takes the longest to get ready, probably sneezes the loudest, and is the better dancer. They agreed that neither of them would likely drive Nascar and neither could claim the title of “messiest” as they are both tidy. However, the award for biggest shoe collection would have to go to Tae. Maddie and Tae talked about some of their hobbies, like fishing, reading, and playing games…and they even shared some embarrassing moments. No visit to Seacrest Studios in Colorado would be complete without a round of the popular game Backwards Forwards. Maddie and Tae both played along and laughed hard as the recording software played their names and “Girl in Country Song” backwards for them to replicate. Before spending some time with each kid in the studio, the duo shared some advice. Maddie told the kids “Follow your dreams. Nothing is impossible. We are just regular people who chased a crazy dream that we had and that is why we are here.” Then Tae also encouraged everyone that “staying true to yourself is very important. Maddie and I could have release a song that didn’t have such a bold message (referring to the message of “Girl in a Country Song” being that all women are beautiful in their own way), but it is something that we were very passionate about.” Thanks for the good advice and all the fun you brought to the studio, Maddie and Tae!