Patients In Seacrest Studios Quiz The Chainsmokers!

The Chainsmokers did not let us down as they made a special stop to Seacrest Studios in Washington D.C. Patients and families packed the studio and were so excited to hang out with the dynamic duo on-air!

We learned that Drew loves Quizno’s chicken carbonara sandwiches and knows a lot about Pokemon while Alex loves Golden Retrievers, prefers turkey and cheese sandwiches with no toppings, and is a Yankees fan.

When asked who they hope to collaborate with in the future, Alex told us that he slid into Shawn Mendes’ DM’s and hopes to work with him in the future.

The guys shared that they have been working together for a little more than six years. We decided to challenge them to a little game of“How Well Do You Know Each other”. We asked them a series of questions and asked them to answer for the other person. When asked their favorite emoji to use when texting, both guys started to draw the emoji’s for patients in the studio. Drew prefers the nail polish emoji while Alex says that the hang ten emoji is his go-to.