Patients Play “This or That” With British Band, Years and Years!

by Seacrest Studios Staff

British synth-pop band, Years and Years, made a special visit to patients and families at Seacrest Studios in Washington DC. The talented trio lit up the studio with their electrifying personalities and warm spirits! There were tons of laughs and jokes going around from both the band and patients in the studio and up in their rooms.

The trio were asked hard hitting questions by our patient DJs. DJ BW called in and wanted to know- “Would you Rather never shower again for the rest of your life or never brush your teeth again for the rest of your life”. The bands reactions were mixed—with one member responding scientifically and thoughtfully saying “He would never brush his teeth again because you could always pop in a piece of bubblegum”. We were able to introduce the British band to some American staples such as Chick-fil-a, Wegmans grocery stores, Hulu, and Mambo Sauce.

One of the highlights of the visit was when the patients and band collectively made their best Chewbacca impression on-air! There wasn’t a dull moment in the studio as the patient DJs took over the mics. Before the visit ended, Years and Years played a speedy round of This or That. We soon learned who in the band is a cat or dog person, who prefers mayonnaise or BBQ sauce, and most importantly who favors pineapple pizza!

The visit was topped off with the band writing personalized messages and autographs to our friends in their rooms who were unable to join us in the studio. Thank you so much to our new friends, Years and Years for making our day brighter at Children’s National in Washington DC!