Patients Share Jokes And Snacks With Stars Of Red Band Society

RedBandSociety Recap

This video is from Children's Medical Center Dallas, one of the nation's top pediatric hospitals.
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Video Recap by Chance Harris

Three actors from FOX’s upcoming show Red Band Society shared jokes and snacks with kids at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. Zoe Levin, Charlie Rowe and Nolan Sotillo spoke about their new hospital-themed show during an interview in Seacrest Studios. The group got to know some of the patients by talking about food and telling jokes. The food-inspired conversation was sparked after Charlie tried some popcorn made by the volunteers at Children’s.

Jesus called in from his room and stumped Zoe, Charlie and Nolan with a funny joke about bears (see video clip). Charlie then told his own joke about a bear.

Charlie explained how he masks his British accent while playing an American teen on tv and which words are still tricky for him to pronounce. He also complimented Ashlyn on her Texas accent. The actors handed out t-shirts and invited kids to join the Red Band Society by wearing matching red bracelets. Zoe, Charlie and Nolan encouraged the kids at Children’s Medical Center to follow their dreams.

 Thank you Zoe, Charlie and Nolan for making us laugh! We enjoyed getting to know you!