Paul Cardall Performs and Donates Keyboards to Seacrest Studios

Dove Award winning pianist Paul Cardall was born with half a heart, but his passion for kids at hospitals all over the country is full. During his seven visits, Paul told his story of being in the hospital as a kid with patients nationwide. He shared his frustration of being in the hospital and said he would ask “Why do I have these problems? Why do I have to be in the hospital?” That’s where he found a piano and turned anger into music. 

The words of encouragement music Paul played for us here at Seacrest Studios Orlando was beautiful, inspiring, and relaxing. Paul Cardall is all heart! Patients loved tuning into this one of a kind visit, and the keyboard donation to RSF's 11th studio build is sure to inspire thousands of kids moving forward. 

Next stop, Boston Children's! In a twist of fate, all the patients on this call were musicians! Yandel brought up how "step by step" is one of the greatest ways to learn to read music & Paul agreed that that is a great way to approach music and many other things in life! He went on to share that he was able to overcome his own physical limitation - and that having a limitation doesn't mean you can't achieve amazing things. Sometimes it can make you work harder or be more creative and you may even be able to do something that another person can't do! 

At Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Paul talked to John, who is an aspiring composer.  Paul shared how all of his time in the hospital really served as inspiration for him writing music.  The ups and downs of the hospital stay really influenced how he expressed it in his writing.  Paul also mentioned to John to write while he’s in the hospital - one day his music is sure to also inspire hope! 

The magnificent talent of Paul Cardall inspired Dallas patients to be musicians themselves as joyful tunes jumped from Paul’s piano and into each of their rooms. After just a few minutes together, Paul decided to create his very own band with the young superstars featuring Thiago and his rainbow keyboard, Autumn and her very own ukulele and Sofia’s the piano-drawing artist. The band is set for success! Paul ended the concert by turning to his band members for some help writing a song. Each patient chose a note for him to play and he took it away from there.

Christmas came early to patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta as award-winning, American pianist, Paul Cardall gifted a brand new Casiotone keyboard to Seacrest Studios!  Having been born with only ½ of his heart, Paul understands all too well the emotional toll endless hospital stays and surgeries can have on patients. Over Zoom, Cardall shared the way he would fight heartache and worry was to create, perform and record original pieces…and now years later, Paul has not only received a new heart but he has released 23 albums, 11 of them number 1 on Billboard charts, has won numerous awards and has even performed at The White House! He’s hoping his gift of the keyboard will soothe and inspire Atlanta patients as well! We had fun witnessing him compose “on the fly” as patients gave him chords and he immediately created a beautiful song! Even his music knowledge in our game of “Name That Tune” was impressive! Thank you Paul, for sharing your story and your incredible talent. You’re A-Sharp in our book!

It was a bond like no other when Paul, or DJ Polliwog, met patient DJ Cam while virtual visiting Seacrest Studios at Children’s National. The duo bonded over their shared love and passion for classical music. DJ Cam shared with Paul that he loves playing the alto-saxophone and is inspired by Composer Eugene Bozza. Cam ‘s favorite classical piece by the composer is “Aria” and he felt accomplished performing the song during his ensemble and he made one of the judges’ cry!  

 “That is the beautiful thing,” Paul said. “When you are using your gift and you’re sharing it and you see the reaction of somebody else and their feeling what you felt. That’s the whole universe saying, “Look you have something special that you need to share and develop that.” Paul was also blown away when Cam shared that not only does he play alto and tenor saxophone, but he also plays the flute, piccolo, clarinet, ukuleles, cello, violin and piano. 

In a final visit, Paul keyed into Seacrest Studios Philadelphia to play some of his most powerful songs and to answer questions submitted by our patients. Hosted by DJ Matty P and DJ Razzle D Dazzle, Cardall explained how he got into music and the positive impact it has had on his life. He further discussed how he founded Stone Angel Music in order to help other like-minded artists release albums and how listening to others inspires him to create new music. Next, despite the DJs’ best efforts, Cardall blew through their game of “Stump the Guest”, with his masterful knowledge of music. Lastly, Cardall encouraged his fans to never give up on their dreams and advised them on how best to pursue their passions. Closing out the interview, Cardall gave a spirited holiday performance that reverbed throughout the hospital and truly brought the season to life.