Phillip Phillips Plays Backwards Forwards At Seacrest Studios

Video by: Chris Coleman, Micah Bridges and Chelsea Ruybal 

Photos by: Scott Dressel-Martin and Chris Coleman

 Written recap by: Seacrest Studio intern, Maurie Mickey 

Phillip Phillips visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado and was warmly welcomed into a studio filled with excited patients and families who were chanting his name. He kicked off his interview by answering questions that the kids had prepared. 
Melanie asked, “What cartoon character would you most like to hang out with for an afternoon?” Phillip Phillips first answered “Michael Jordan!” adding that MJ can pass as a cartoon character since he was in Space Jam, but then settled for Bugs Bunny because he’s “old school.” Natalie asked, “If you could safely take a ride on the back of any wild animal, which animal would you choose?” This question had Phillip Phillips thinking hard about his answer, but he picked a cheetah, saying he would want to shrink a little more so he could fit on the back perfectly. Throughout more questions, the studio found out that Phillip Phillips enjoys being in nature, white water rafting and he is a huge fan of Denver, CO. Although Phillps has made a career from his musical talents, he says another one of his hobbies is eating, and his favorite meal is a “good ole southern breakfast.” Our good friend Judson, who uses a computer to communicate, asked the greatest question of the day with, “Do you ever get invited to parties at J.Lo’s house?” With the whole studio laughing, Phillip Phillips answered that he wishes he got invited to her parties, and if he ever got the chance, him and Judson would go together. Judson also asked if he likes to sing in the shower, and Phillip Phillips responded, “Yes, that’s where I do my best singing.” 

After learning more about Phillip Phillps, he sang his hit song, “Gone, Gone, Gone,” and let the studio know that the first time he sang live, he almost passed out in front of 250 people. The studio was soon filled by not just one voice, but many, as the patients and their families sang the words to his song. Phillip Phillips admitted that he doesn’t feel like a celebrity and that he is pretty normal—and he has way too many embarrassing moments to think of just one. He also has some secret dance moves that he steals from his friends. It wouldn’t quite be a Children’s Hospital Colorado visit to the Seacrest Studios if Phillip Phillips didn’t play Backwards Forwards! With help from the studio audience, Phillip Phillips was challenged to say “Simba Spaghetti Singer” forwards and replicate the way it sounded backwards. Phillip Phillips conquered the challenge and said of the game, “That was aweomse! I am going to start playing this at home!” Before Phillips signed autographs and took pictures with the patients, he finished the sentence “Courage Is…” by saying, “It is everything, ya know? It’s what drives you. It helps you through everything you go through good or bad in my opinion.” It was all smiles and laughs during Phillip Phillips visit at the Seacrest Studios at Children's Hospital Colorado and we hope he visits us again!