Phillip Phillips Sings 'Raging Fire' At Seacrest Studios!

Season 11 American Idol winner, and friend to Seacrest Studios, Phillip Phillips, gave a special performance at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC. On a co-headlining tour with O.A.R., Phillips pulled his big tour bus up right outside the windows of Seacrest Studios, much to the delight of all the patients inside!

Before singing and signing autographs, Phillip told patients, and their families, all about life on the road, and American Idol. When he described the try-outs for AI, Phillip said that, after a 13-hour wait in line to audition, he wasn’t sure it was going to be worth it in the end. He spoke of his winning moment, standing on stage next to Ryan Seacrest, and how he “cried like a baby” when his name was called as the winner.

As someone very familiar with hospitals (Phillip has had 10 kidney surgeries), he was able to speak to patients, from his own experience, about how to stay positive on tough days. Phillip answered some tricky questions from our patients including, “Would you rather deliver a baby or a pizza?” He broke up the crowd with his answers! Everyone was thrilled to hear Phillip perform two songs in Seacrest Studios including his current hit, “Raging Fire.”

We can’t wait to see where Phillip’s talent, and kind heart, take him next – we hope it is right back to the Queen City and to Seacrest Studios, where he has many adoring fans!