Princess Aurora, Elle Fanning, Visits Seacrest Studios

Written by Seacrest Studios Media Specialist, Whitney Osborne

Sleeping Beauty herself, Elle Fanning, joined Seacrest Studios at Cincinnati Children’s for a magical Zoom call with patients from Cincinnati, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Colorado! One patient called in to ask Elle if she could have a chance to act alongside her one day. Elle told her to never give up, there will be lots of “no’s” along the way and that no role is ever too small. 

Patient Aaliyah was excited to show off her Aurora and Maleficent dolls, gifted by RSF partner JAKKS Pacific, and they talked about how they both like Billie Eilish and her green hair! 

Later in the show we learned Elle collects Barbies, loves to play around with makeup and has learned to appreciate the art of cooking during quarantine! A patient from Philadelphia wanted to know if she could have any super power from the Maleficent movies, what power would she have? Elle said she thought she would have to say Maleficent’s wings so she could fly! When asked about her dream role, Elle explained she would love to be in a full blown musical like “Mary Poppins” someday. 

We had so much fun talking to Elle Fanning, and cannot wait for the day we can all hopefully meet her in person! Thank you, Elle for your time, kindness and advice!