Rachel Platten Brings Her “Fight Song” to Seacrest Studios!

Seacrest Studios, in Charlotte, NC, experienced GOOD luck on Friday the 13th when singer/songwriter, Rachel Platten, made a tour stop at Levine Children’s Hospital (LCH). On tour with another friend of Seacrest Studios, Andy Grammer, Rachel greeted a studio full of excited patients! This wonderful artist answered all of our hard-hitting questions, like what is her favorite color, how does she celebrate her birthday, and does she like to sing in the shower (she does)!   Rachel and LCH patients compared their manicures, and Rachel even told us what it was like having her music featured on ABC Family’s hit TV show, Pretty Little Liars – “When I saw it, I was so excited! This last time when ‘Fight Song’ played on the Christmas special – they used it for the character, Alison, and they had it be her fight song.  I was pretty excited about that!” 

One child even sang “Let It Go” with Rachel!  See that performance in our video! Patients and their families were thrilled when Rachel played her guitar and sang her hit, “Fight Song.”  This is an anthem song at LCH.  It has inspired many to keep going, and it brought tears to our eyes in Seacrest Studios! Rachel’s visit was just the medicine patients needed at Levine Children’s Hospital! We can’t wait to have this accomplished artist visit Seacrest Studios again soon!