Rachel Platten Makes A Memorable Visit To Seacrest Studios In Dallas

Video by: Chance Harris Recap by: Paula Cuadrado

Every day magic happens inside the Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. Like when a child who, for a moment, gets a break from being in a hospital room to sing a song, play a game or dance on the Red Balloon Network, the in-house tv channel. It's always so special for the kids to meet celebrities, but a recent visit from singer-songwriter Rachel Platten held an even deeper meaning for many of the families. Rachel’s hit “Fight Song” strikes a chord with so many people, especially our brave youngsters and their families who are together fighting their own unique battles. Many of our patients starred in a video singing and dancing to “Fight Song.” 

When Rachel arrived, her beaming smile warmed the room and she was welcomed with cheers and hugs. The kids asked her all about her music career and how she got started. Jude, 10, couldn’t make it down but was able to video chat with Rachel during the interview. He asked her about the meaning of her song, “Fight Song,” to which Rachel shared about her ups and downs, hard work and how affirmations, like many in her song, kept her positive and focused. After all the sweet questions were answered, Rachel decided to play two songs for the kids. One was “Better Place,” a song she dedicated to her new young friends and their families who support them. Rachel then invited everyone to join her in singing her hit song “Fight Song.” The patients sing along to this song almost daily in the Seacrest Studios, but this day they got to sing it as loud as they could with the singer who wrote it. Seven-year-old Xander belted out the lyrics with his sweet voice, while the rest of the kids joined in on the chorus. 

You could see in the misty eyes of the parents just how much this song has meant and helped them stay strong in tough times and how special this experience was to them. Rachel met with each of the children in the studio and gave out autographs. There were lots of selfies, smiles, hugs and even kisses. Rachel listened intently as moms, dads and patients shared personal stories about how “Fight Song” has touched them and helped them through their own fight. Thank you, Rachel, for coming to the Seacrest Studios in Dallas and sharing your love for our kids and their families! You’ve left an impression on our hearts!