Riley Clemmons Shares an Inspiring Performance with CHOC Children's

Riley Clemmons Talks Stage Fright

During a visit at CHOC Children's, patients asked "Fighting For Me" singer how she overcomes stage fright. Learn more: www.rya
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As many people know Seacrest Studios has the power to heal patients during an often-difficult time in their lives. The studio’s power was elevated higher this week with a very special call from “Fighting For Me” singer, Riley Clemmons. The 20-year-old Pop/Christian artist from Nashville took time out of her busy schedule to share some singing tips, her musical inspirations, and perform a couple of songs for our patients and families at CHOC Children’s. 

Riley, who is no stranger to performing, even agreed to play the studio’s newest game: "Flip it!" She was tasked with attempting to say a word backwards and listen to the result when the studio team reversed the audio. Riley nailed it of course, adding another talent to her growing résumé.

Patients had some great questions for Riley including who her current favorite artists are and how she goes about writing new songs. The visit concluded with a very special rendition of, “What a Wonderful World,” which was exactly what hospital patients needed to hear. We cannot wait to have Riley Clemmons visit us again in the future!