Rising Star Erin Hill Spends The Afternoon At CHOA!

Recap by Mamie Shepherd

Music runs in the family for up-and-coming artist, Erin Hill. Arriving with one of her band members, who also happens to be her dad, Erin was greeted by a big crowd when she stopped in our Atlanta studio at Children’s Healthcare on Wednesday. We were lucky to have this artist spend an entire afternoon performing for, and visiting with, patients at our studio! When she sat down to talk to us, Erin told us about the early stages of her music career, beginning with a girl band she formed as a teenager.

She told the patients at Children’s about how she writes her own music, saying that her favorite songs, and the ones she thinks of as her personal best, only take her about 30 minutes to write! During her visit, Erin played the guitar (her family taught her how) and sang 4 songs she wrote herself. With new fans hanging on her every word, Erin explained that she sometimes goes back to songs she wrote years ago, retweaks them, and gives them new life.

Even with all of her success, Erin said that there are still ups and downs connected with being in the music industry – “some people will like my voice and others won’t.” Often compared to a wide variety of accomplished artists like Pat Benatar, Taylor Swift, Paramore, and Avril Lavigne, Erin remains grounded and determined to make her way in the music arena! She thrilled the crowd by bringing a promo version of her CD to pass out to patients – her album is still in the finishing stages and will be released sometime this year. One of our favorite moments was when one of the CHOA patients sang with Erin. (See the video below.)

Erin’s compassion, kindness, and generosity were not lost on her new fans! We all look forward to many more visits from this rising star – she is definitely one to keep your eye on!