Rixton Makes A Stop At Seacrest Studios

The UK-based foursome, RIXTON, stopped into Seacrest Studios in Atlanta last week to meet and be interviewed by patients. The guys are currently hustling through the United States on a radio tour. This trip was their first time in the South and they were venturing out to try some good, southern BBQ after their visit at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

The patients asked them how they formed their group and came up with their name. They explained that Jake and Danny met through mutual friends about five years ago and began writing.Soon after, they picked up Lewi and Charley and the band, Rixton was formed. As far as their name goes, the guys said they liked the sound of R and X…and simply made up the name, Rixton. But there was a funny coincidence shortly thereafter….Danny lived above a restaurant and one day, Charley was going over to Danny’s house when he punctured his tire.

The boys were trying to find a mechanic and discovered there was one a few streets away. (They’d never been down that road because “there was nothing there”) So, Charley set off down the road and about ten yards around the corner was a street named Rixton Grove!

The band started by singing cover songs, but would always try and put their own twist on each one. They uploaded a Christmas cover, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” a cappella, with a comedic spin. Lo and behold, it fell into the hands of Scooter Braun, who flew to Manchester, UK and within 24 hours, had signed the band! Since meeting Scooter, things have been happening FAST! Their debut EP features 4 songs and will be released on March 18th.

They are very excited about sharing their music with all the Rixters out there and can’t wait to be touring Europe this summer with Bruno Mars! Many thanks to Rixton for hanging out with us in studio!