Rob Manfred Visits Seacrest Studios During All-Star Week

Recap By: Kevin Altimier, Seacrest Studios Intern

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred visited Seacrest Studios at Cincinnati Children’s during All-Star Week to hang out with patients and their families. The kids had a fantastic time playing games with him, including “Guess that Mascot”. The Commissioner had to guess the names of mascots, and for which teams they serve, based off of pictures that we put up on the screen.  Our patients made great “phone-a-friends” and gave great hints along the way. 

Our studio also aired a collection of clips from famous baseball movies, and Commissioner Manfred guessed which movie it was.  The members of the studio audience had the chance to ask him any questions that they wanted.  One question that really stumped the Commissioner:  “What is your favorite team?” He told the story that he went to his first Yankees game in 1968 and watched the great Mickey Mantle hit two home runs.  Now, though, he has no favorite team since it’s his job to oversee all thirty! There was a lot of laughter from the audience when we played the studio favorite “What’s Behind Me?”, in which the Commissioner sat in front of a green screen and, thanks to clues from the children, tried to guess the photos behind him.  He seemed to really enjoy this part of his visit, and the kids were having a great time playing with him.  The Commissioner brought some MLB All-Star gear with him, which he autographed and handed to kids, along with taking pictures with them.  The kids had a great time and we hope he will visit again soon!