Robin Thicke Answers Patient Questions At Seacrest Studios

Video Recap by: Seacrest Studios Intern, Kelsey Dalzell Written Recap by: Seacrest Studios Intern, Andrea Hammer

Robin Thicke made a special visit to Seacrest Studios at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. The studio filled with patients eager to meet the singer, who shook the hands of everyone in the room upon entering. After a short interview including a rapid-fire game of Robin Thicke’s favorite things, he answered questions from patients in the room before signing autographs and taking pictures. 

We learned that Robin Thicke prefers mustard to ketchup, peanut butter chocolate ice cream, and even got some words of wisdom from the star. Robin’s piece of advice for a successful career: “Find something that you love...there are jobs for everybody out there that you can actually enjoy doing.” 
It was wonderful having Robin in studio and we hope to see him again soon!