Robin Thicke Sings Along With A Patient At Seacrest Studios

Written by Lindsey N Murray, Seacrest Studios Intern

Patients were very excited to welcome Robin Thicke to Seacrest Studios, when he took a break from his Blurred Lines concert tour to stop by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The studio was packed with fans of all ages who listened closely as Robin talked about life on tour, making music, and his biggest hits.

Robin started out the interview by reminiscing on just how he got started in the music business, which was by teaching himself how to play songs from the radio on his piano. He shared that some of his favorite artists growing up included Michael Jackson, Prince, and Stevie Wonder. Robin also admitted that his hit “Blurred Lines” was written and recorded with his friend and fellow musician Pharrell Williams in just an hour and a half. He talked about how much the hit means to him and said “when you write songs that make people want to get up and dance, you feel really great about it.” At one point in the interview, one lucky patient who called into Seacrest Studio from her room got the opportunity to sing along with Robin to the song “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch” by The Temptations.

Robin even shared one of his most embarrassing moments on tour, which was when he fell off stage! He had the whole audience laughing when he described how the stage, located in Manchester England, was only ten feet long and that he landed “like a cat” before having to climb back on stage.

He didn’t just talk about music, though. Robin also shared his love of sports and mentioned that his favorite teams are the Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bears. In addition to his favorite teams, Robin told listeners that his favorite color is red, his favorite seafood is lobster, and that his favorite subject in school was history because he loved “to see how the world developed.”

Robin gave some inspirational words of advice as well to a patient who asked how he handled stressful situations. “We have to take it minute by minute, hour by hour in life,” he said while reminding patients to appreciate the little things.

Before the end of the interview, Robin made sure to give everyone at Seacrest Studios an update on his next album and said that he plans to head back into the studios after he is finished touring. No word yet about what the sound of this next album will be like, but Robin did share that he hopes to make a pop, a soul and even a country album at some point in his career! Everyone had a blast hanging out with Robin Thicke, both during his interview and afterwards when he signed autographs and took pictures with fans. Thanks for a great time Robin and we hope you come and visit again!