Ron Pope Talks To Patients About What Inspires Him

Written by Paula Cuadrado

Singer-songwriter Ron Pope brought his moving melodies to Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas.

Patients got to hang out with the indie pop-rock artist and get to know him during an in studio interview. Ron opened up to the kids about his love for music and what inspires him to write lyrics. But music wasn’t always Ron’s big dream. He told the kids about a tough time growing up when he got hurt playing baseball and how it led him to pursue music more seriously.

“It turned out to be a happy accident,” Ron said. “I wasn’t happy to get injured and it was a very sad and challenging time for me, but after that I was able to apply the lessons that I learned from that time in my life to make the rest of my life better. It was really kind of a blessing. ” Ron had everyone’s attention as he treated the kids to a live acoustic performance of several of his songs.

Thank you Ron Pope for coming by the Seacrest Studio to share your music and your story!