RSF SPOTLIGHT: Meet Our Washington D.C. Studio Managers

We’re shining the spotlight on some of the amazing people that help make our Seacrest Studios around the country so special.


(Brooks on left, Morgan on right)

We are so lucky to have Brooks and Morgan running Seacrest Studios at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. They make every day in studio so much fun for the patients with their positive energy and creativity. 


  •  How long you have worked at Seacrest Studios:  Since it opened in D.C. in November 2015!
  •  Favorite thing (game/activity, etc.) you do in studio: Lip Sync Battle
  • Most memorable studio guest (and why): DNCE because they presented one of our Seacrest Studios regulars with her high school diploma during their visit. This was such a sweet moment because she was unable to participate in the graduation ceremony at her school.


  • How long you have worked at Seacrest Studios:  I started my Seacrest Studios journey as an intern with Seacrest Studios in Cincinnati. I have managed the studio in Washington D.C. since we opened in November 2015.
  • Favorite thing (game/activity, etc.) you do in studio: My favorite activity in the studio is our Wacky Wednesday Dance Party! It’s always a good time when you can throw on a hotdog costume and a mustache and Juju on that Beat with patients and families.
  • Most memorable studio guest (and why): My most memorable studio guest was Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. It was a monumental visit as no studio has ever had a Supreme Court Justice visit. When she walked in for the visit, she spent 10-15 minutes hugging every single person that was in the studio! Our hospital photographer was taking photos that day and for time’s sake asked that we have all of the patients take 1 group picture with Justice Sotomayor. She turned around and looked at the photographer and said “I would like to take a picture with each and every family that is here today”.  It was incredible!

Thank you Brooks and Morgan for making Seacrest Studios in Washington D.C. such an awesome place to hang out! We are inspired by you and your dedication to everyone that visits the studio.