Ryan Lochte Visits Seacrest Studios In Charlotte!

Ryan Lochte, the gold medal swimmer, discovered a HUGE fan base at Levine Children’s Hospital when he recently visited Seacrest Studios between his Saturday swim races. With so many aquatic records and awards under his belt, the 11-time Olympic medalist is one to watch as swimmers from around the world ready themselves for the XXXI Olympics. 

During his visit to Seacrest Studios, Ryan displayed three of his Olympic medals for patients to see.  What a treat to touch a gold, silver, and bronze medal! They were quite heavy and impressive!  Lochte explained that, to win an Olympic medal, you have to work hard.  He has a grueling training schedule that includes swimming 30-35 hours a week and eating about 8,000-10,000 calories a day!  Patients marveled at what one must do to prepare, far in advance, for the Olympics! Ryan delighted everyone with his wonderful sense of humor, and his suggestion that patients could start to train their minds to be Olympic swimmers by watching video clips of important races, and then visualizing themselves swimming those same races.  Lochte still does that to this day, and so can patients who are in the hospital! While in Seacrest Studios, Ryan talked about everything from his favorite song to swimming with dolphins – he has done that 3 times! Before signing autographs and posing for pictures with patients, Ryan played a quick game of Sink or Swim that totally entertained everyone.  He admitted he has observed the 5-second rule, and he has cut his own hair before! Ryan Lochte is an Olympic hero, and friend to Seacrest Studios.  He made a BIG splash with patients in Charlotte, and we will be cheering him on in Rio!  Good luck, Ryan!