Ryan Seacrest, Addison Rae Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Seacrest Studios at CHOC

Written by Seacrest Studios interns Danyelle Burke North and Lexi Propach

Seacrest Studios was packed with excited patients during Addison Rae and Ryan Seacrest’s surprise visit to Children's Hospital of Orange County.

The dynamic duo brought along KIIS FM co-hosts Sisanie Villaclara and Tanya Rad to meet everyone and celebrate the studio’s 10th anniversary.

Ryan interviewed Addison about her love for performing, upcoming movies, and directors she’s looking forward to working with. Also part of the interview was four talented CHOC patients Lucy, Jezzabel, Julian, and Sara. Ryan asked each of the patients about their passions, ranging from music to cosmetology. Keep your eyes on the lookout for a collaboration between Sara and Lucy in their envisioned band “The Drums and Dragons!”

The whole room was overflowing with joy, especially as Ryan talked about his beloved furry friend, Georgia. That joy quickly became laughter as Addison put Seacrest Studios very own Media Programs Manager, Luke Morand, on the spot to do his best rendition of the robot dance.

The happiness continued as audience members inside Seacrest Studios had a chance take over the mic and ask Addison special questions about her favorite Louisiana foods, her dream pet, and favorite Los Angeles dessert spots.

In an inspiring turn, a patient in the audience, Valeria, asked Addison how she deals with hate comments. Addison took the question to heart and encouraged patients to believe in themselves, remember their self-worth, and cherish the loved ones around them.

Each patient took a picture with Ryan and Addison and left with an autographed photo and personalized message from both guests. CHOC’s Seacrest Studios was so grateful for Ryan and Addison’s visit and loved seeing all the patients’ smiles and laughter.

Thank you, Ryan and Addison, for helping CHOC celebrate 10 years of Seacrest Studios!