Ryan Seacrest Gets Tearful When Talking About His Work For the Voice [VIDEO]

Ryan Seacrest has his days scheduled down to the minute, earning him the title of "The Busiest Man in Showbiz." Even though this guy is constantly dealing with his numerous television shows, his radio show, and his restaurants, he still finds time to engage in altruistic work and sit down for an interview. Ryan joined Tracy Smith for a CBS Sunday Morning interview to talk about his work with 'The Voice,' and his host of other interests.

Ryan got a little teary-eyed when talking about his girlfriend and his work with the hospitals during his chat with Tracy. He admits to being an "emotional guy" when it comes to helping sick and injured children. He also spoke about his chubby childhood and reassured Tracy that owning restaurants doesn't tempt him to go back to his old eating habits. He also remembers how his pudgy preteen years were difficult, but ultimately made him the strong and determined man he is today.

 Mom Connie Seacrest promised that she packed Ryan healthy lunches when he was in school, but he'd always trade his good food for "cupcakes!" You won't see Ryan eating that now though! Cupcakes have been officially replaced with kale. Yum, Ryan! Take a look at the interview below!

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