Ryan Seacrest Makes a Hometown Stop by Seacrest Studios, Atlanta!

Written by Program Manager, Wendy Threatt

Hometown hero and studio favorite, Ryan Seacrest, recently returned to Atlanta to spend time with patients and families in the original Seacrest Studio at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  A new Atlanta Seacrest Studio will be celebrated this fall in Arthur M. Blank Hospital…but this visit's focus was clearly on the here and now! 

Ryan “flipped his typical script” and spent his time at the mic interviewing the kiddos present - learning as much as he could about their favorite things to do in Seacrest Studios. Many friends love hosting their own versions of Bingo, like "Butterfly Bingo with Bryce" and "Taylor Swift Bingo with Mal". 

Nazyr shared his favorite moment in Seacrest Studios was creating a script on Greek mythology for a table read in the studio.  Others also shared their interest in cheerleading, documentaries, voice over work, painting and mysteries. Ryan made time for everyone, even the therapy dogs!

Next up, a game for the future game show host! The Whisper Challenge, a first for Ryan - and in his words, “challenging!” - is a game where his lip-reading skills were put to the test. He listened to music in noise cancelling headphones while patients gave him funny words or phrases to guess, like “Flaming Hot Cheetos” or “Hakuna Matata” where he found moderate success. But for the phrase “THIS is American Idol!” Ryan was confident, declaring he had her at “THIS!”

The visit concluded with pictures, autographs and even gifts for Ryan from patients. Thank you, Ryan, for giving us the gift of your time in your amazing Seacrest Studios!