Sadie Robertson Shares Her Dance Moves At Levine Children's Hospital!

Written Recap by Seacrest Studios Intern, Laura Little

Video by Seacrest Studios Intern, Nichole Mondshein          

It was a big day for Levine Children’s Hospital when Sadie Robertson and many of the other Robertson’s came to visit Seacrest Studios! 

Sadie, Cole, Brighton, Reed, and John Luke stopped by to brighten the day with advice, funny stories, dance contests, and even played a round of “Guess that Beard”. Many of our patients had the opportunity to ask them some of their very own questions and even judged the Robertson’s during their dance contest.

 Sadie gave us some insight into fashion, Dancing with the Stars, and explained why she thinks Duck Dynasty has been so successfulWhen revealing her thoughts about who she thinks will take the Mirror Ball Trophy this season on Dancing with the Stars, she said “This is a really good season, but probably Lorie and Val because she is an absolutely incredible dancer and because she’s the youngest one, so I kind of have to root for her.” Sadie was the first runner up on season 19 of DWTS and shined in every dance genre. 

Her view on DWTS is very valued at LCH, just as her view fashion is. Sadie said, “I love fashion. It’s fun because everyone expresses themselves differently. I have on pink nails right now and it kind of sets your mood for the day I feel like. So make it fun, maybe add a little sparkle to your day. I also am a big fan of socks. So I would say go with the cute socks, anything that make you happy.”

 When asked if they expected their hit reality TV show “Duck Dynasty” would be as successful as it is, she told us that her family is just “weird and crazy” and that they never would have guessed it would be such a hit.  “It’s crazy! It blows our mind.” After gracing us with advice and tips, it was time for some fun! 

The Robertson’s participated in “Dancing with the Patients” at Levine Children’s Hospital! Each family member showed us their go-to dance moves and broke it down for the patients in the studio. They were critically judged by three of our most qualified and energetic patients. Though no one received scoring lower than an eight, the competition was fierce! Shortly after, the Robertson’s played a few rounds of “Guess that Beard”, a game that was seemingly a breeze for this crew! Without skipping a beat, they knew nearly every beard, even the trick ones. Their skills were very impressive. 

Sadie and her family were a hit at Levine Children’s Hospital and we are so thankful they took time out of their schedule to visit us. They touched the lives for many of our patients but they leave without a prize! When one of our patients asked Sadie if she had a boyfriend, she informed him that she was single. “Well great, then I will be your boyfriend!” he said. Sadie responded with “I would be honored to be you girlfriend.” 

Thank you Sadie and Family!