Sadie Sink talks Taylor Swift, Mental Health and Stranger Things in Seacrest Studios

Patients knew “All Too Well” that they were going to have the “Best Day” when they traveled to the Upside Down with actress and model, Sadie Sink! Tuning in from Seacrest Studios across the country, the Stranger Things star chatted with fans from Children’s National Hospital, Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Boston Children’s Hospital, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Levine Children’s Hospital

Fans of Stranger Things in Seacrest Studios, DC, came prepared to ask Sadie Sink, or DJ Sync, thrilling questions about season 4 and behind the scenes moments from the series. DJ Margaret wanted to know how Sadie learned to skateboard so quickly after landing her iconic role as Max on the Netflix show. Sadie noted that she never touched a skateboard before landing her signature role, however, thanks to instructors on set and three months of practice she was able to master a few tricks! Sadie advised newcomers to first get over the fear of falling in order to become comfortable with the sport. 

All patients across the country were shocked to learn that that many of the actors had to improvise some of the series’ “scarier” scenes – seeing beach balls instead of the monsters edited into the show. Sadie told DJ Ashley that it was hard for the actors to not laugh during scenes with special effects heavily involved. 

Off the topic of Stranger Things, patients learned that Sadie was a huge Swiftie before her appearance in Taylor Swift’s rereleased version of the “All To Well” music video! She explained that working with Taylor Swift was one of her favorite experiences to date and that “The Archer” is one of her favorite T-Swift songs. 

Sadie Sink on Working with Taylor Swift

Off the topic of Stranger Things, patients learned that Sadie was a huge Swiftie before her appearance in Taylor Swift’s rerel
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Many of Sadie’s acting roles showcase that the power of friendship can help overcome many of life’s hurdles. There was no better way to wrap up this virtual visit than to hear how she maintains positive relationships in her life.  Sadie urged the importance of finding people in your life who you trust: family, friends, doctors, nurses or anyone who offers a safe place where you are comfortable sharing your feelings! 

Through any era or dimension, Sadie has proven that she remains a positive and strong friend to all our patients at Seacrest Studios across the country!