Sara Bareilles Makes Patients Feel BRAVE At Seacrest Studios!

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, Sara Bareilles, helped celebrate the first birthday of Seacrest Studios in Charlotte, NC when she came by Levine Children’s Hospital to visit with patients! In honor of the studio’s birthday, Sara told patients about her favorite birthday ever! When she turned 25, she rented a bouncy castle and had a party in a Los Angeles park with her friends. This got lots of grins from the crowd! You’re never too old for a bouncy house!

When asked if she gets nervous before a performance, Sara told us that nerves come and go and that she relies on her family and friends to help her be BRAVE. She also likes to verbalize her nerves. She finds that that helps too.

Patients were able to ask Sara questions, including what advice she had for a patient who was about to start high school. Sara told patients her original career plans included being a dolphin trainer, and that she got detention once while she was in school for talking too much. The crowd giggled about that, and many could relate!

Sara’s song, “Brave,” serves as an anthem for many patients, not only at Levine Children’s Hospital, but also at hospitals nationwide. She said “Brave” was written for a friend going through a tough time. Sara has been amazed at how this song has inspired many people she has never even met! We loved having Sara Bareilles, and her kind spirit, in Charlotte, and we thank her for helping us celebrate one year of Seacrest Studios at Levine Children’s Hospital!